An insight to 2018 MERCEDES AMG C43

The AMG series screams ‘drive me’ for people who are performance enhancers. AMG C43 as the name suggests is a C-Class sedan and has everything which an AMG vehicle can aspire for. The AMG engineers have infused their soul to deliver exceptional performance and a promise to deliver an enhanced experience. Francisco Cortes has brought to you an inside take on this magnificent machine.

Let’s start with the engines first.

The 2018 MERCEDES AMG C43 comes with a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine which is AMG enhanced. Remember the performance we were referring to above? This is what drives it. The team at Francisco Cortes USA promises you sudden exhilaration when you go from 0-60 in just 4.6 seconds. Now, that’s what we call speed.

The eco-start and stop button is a nice environmental friendly addition to this monster. In an idle situation it will shut off the engine and save fuel as well as reduce emissions.

Now comes the body and design.

If you like your car to have aggressive lines and well sculpted out body parts, then we at Francisco Cortes NYC will definitely recommend the AMG C43 to you. To enhance performance the design is in accordance with AMG standards. Think, flared side sills, deep air dam, diamond block gill and a gripping appearance.

Our favorite at Francisco Cortes NY is definitely the diamond block grill. Small hexagonal pins radiate from the central star to provide an intricate pattern. This true genius design can only be thought of by AMG engineers. Apart from aesthetics, this pattern also allows for continuous airflow.

Let’s talk about the interiors now.

Have you ever noticed how Mercedes resonates with comfort and luxury? AMG C43 will not disappoint you. The team at Francisco Cortes USA found excellent dedication and thoughtfulness to comfort in every aspect of the interiors. From the seats to the infotainment system, there is nothing that will leave you disappointed or wanting more.

The seats are plush with the front ones being sport seats. They come with a memory system which can store upto 3 seat positions to be recalled with just the touch of a button. The dual zone automatic climate control will let you and your partners enjoy individual temperature and air flow. The filters installed as marveled by Francisco Cortes team can keep particles or pollen as small as .0002 inch out. So the dust stays out while you breathe in pure, good, cool health.

There are so many more features and insights to the all-new 2018 Mercedes AMG C43. Watch out this space right here at Francisco Cortes NYC to find more. Tap this space to keep yourself updated with the latest car news and trends.

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