For a laid back American a pick up is one of the most popular vehicles. Francisco Cortes USA brings you the low-down on the sizzling pick up trucks doing the rounds in the country. This series is about the compact versions because hey, we all want big which fits into our garages. Right? Francisco Cortes NYC is here with an in-depth review of 2018 Toyota Tacoma that is ruling the pick-up slots this year.

This car comes complete with a driver assistance feature which has been revamped in the 2018 model. The user friendly and interactive infotainment system is also a great value for money. As with all Toyota Cars, the 2018 Tacoma is a very capable off-roader and a vehicle you can rely to be good under duress. On further inspection by the team at Francisco Cortes NY there were some features which were lacking in the Tacoma.

The most garish are the looks. For the price range you would want something which looks better. The 2018 Tacoma is sadly lacking in this feature. There are many other rivals and competitors who are more upscale in both looks and features.

Another feature which we at Francisco Cortes think as disappointing is the low towing capacity. Pick-up trucks are famous for bailing out a stuck friend. However, the 2018 Toyota Tacoma will not let you be the shining angel in distress. The towing capacity though, great for a pick-up is not up to standard.

Also, the vehicle is not fuel efficient. In today’s pro earth times, many people have started looking towards environmental fuels and alternatives. The mileage is a sad factor of the Tacoma.

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