Francisco Cortes NY brings to you the latest in the luxury compact SUV series. These beautiful majestic beasts on the road are big on the outside and big on the engines while managing to fit in your garage nicely. With more and more people opting of big space with sturdier and family oriented vehicles, luxury compact SUV are becoming fast popular. With many big players in the market manufacturing these vehicles in various shapes and sizes, we at Francisco Cortes NYC bring to you a low down on the current happenings and the latest news.

The 2018 Audi Q5 is by far the first in ranking amongst all luxury compact SUV released this year as per a survey done by Francisco Cortes USA. The best part is that the company has upgraded many of its features on popular user criticism. They have upgraded the infotainment as well as the styling.

The crash test scores as wonderful as compares to earlier versions. This has made it a good purchase for large families. Also, Audi has improved many of the inline features related to driving and comfort. Paired with a 300 bhp engine, the new Audi Q5 is a great by as per Francisco Cortes. However, before going in for this purchase here are a couple of things you must ask yourself: –

  • Do you want a compact SUV because Audi Q5 comes in the small SUV size?
  • Do you have a very big family? Do you need large cargo space? 2018 Audi Q5 on inspection by Francisco Cortes USA was a 5 seater with enough space for weekend vacation bags.
  • Do you really want to buy a new 2018 model? A used Audi Q5 would not be much different with a big saving on the price factor.

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